Sunday, November 23, 2014

the first in my family line.

My parents are the 1st in the family to join the church and they were already married when they joined.

So tonight my nephew Ben got his mission call!
  He has been called to serve in the Alpine German Mission! He will be reporting to the Preston, England MTC on April 9, 2015. I am so proud of his decision to serve! Ben is the 1st of many in the Barnett/Summers ( his dad is a convert too) family line to go out on a full time mission.

 It is so real now that he is going. I know that he is going to be a great missionary.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Fall Break day 3

Today we left mid morning to go to a place just outside of OKC to for lunch it is call pops that is  on route 66. . it has LOTS of different flavors of soda and it is a gas station and a little old fashion like diner where the  glass walls are cover with different sodas and yes they are glued on.

 Yummy  food and great drinks it was a great day trip.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fall break Day 1

Today was the 1st day of fall break  after we had a parent teacher conference with Zack Teacher we spent the day by watching TV and movies.

 We watch the magic school bus

 Jake and the nverland pirates.

 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Harry Potter


 Its was a great day and I just let the boys stay in their PJ's all day long.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Is it in the family?????

When my nephew Ben was a little boy about 3 he didn't kiss anyone he licked people.

When my nephew Jack was about 3 when he had to go to the bathroom he squatted on the toilet.
(the one with the yellow shirt)


Well Max who is 3 now he is into licking me. When he goes to the bathroom to pee he lifts the toilet seat ans balance himself by holding the back if the seat and goes.( he so upped one on Jack at that one.)

So is it they family of blonde little boys?????

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Zack 1s day

to day was Zack's 1st day of kindergarten. He was so happy to go to school. Zack is going to Vandever elementary which where I went to.  Zack was so happy to go to mommy school. What i school the principle who I had is the same one Mrs. Beckwith also she remembers me as well.

 It was so hard to see him go and be gone all day long. Which I am SO against all day Kindergarten.

 Poor Max was so sad that he didn't get to stay with his big brother and best friend.

I also Miss Zack as well this was us when he got out of school
He was so happy that he got a BIG Mickey Mouse Balloon and a new helicopter when he got home from school.

I hope I will be able to get use to this with Zack being gone all day 5 days a week.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday Max

This year we did a Thomas and friends theme for Max. We had some corn dogs for the younger kids and we had funeral sandwiches ( Yummy)for the adults also we had other food as well. Max open his presents from everyone. While us adults talked the kids played and had fun with each other. Max as well as Zack  also was just a happy little guy to be able to play with some of his cousins.

 When Max was opening his presents he kept going back and forth between Ben  and them Molly on the other side.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

our road trip

This year we did a road Trip out to UT meaning we took our time.

Clayton Lake State Park, New Mexico  was our 1st stop to camp and to see dinosaurs tracks

 Camping on the ground was so hard. Then in the middle of the night Ben Max and I were both awake. It was SO WINDY that the tent walls were flapping so hard that we thought it was going to rain. Zack was the only one that was still sleeping. Ben and I were not able to go back to sleep, so at about 3 in the morning we decided to pack up and go. We packed up so FAST that we folded the tent like a blanket and just threw everything in the van. Well not Zack and Max we put them into their car seats. The good thing about it is that we got to go to our next place earlier than we thought we were going to be able to go.

Which was The balloon museum Albuquerque, NM. which is  one of their if in their big attraction it is full if different hot air balloons models which most of them you can get in and see what it is like

then the net day we headed out and went to Lowell Observatory Flagstaff, AZ
where the planet Pluto was discovered at. Ben and I went here as part of our honeymoon and we wanted to their again.

we spent all day their  we went to town and got some dinner which was Peter Piper Pizza and ate the food in the parking lot at the Observatory.
After dinner we went back in getting ready for the night time stuff where they putt out their telescopes to see what ever they can.

 this is is look at the sun.

looking at Saturn.

the next day we headed out to UT and we went to Bryce canyon to meet with Ben's family on the Durney side.

We did an in town camping
we went on a hike when most of the family  went in a lot of different groups.

 on our way back to sandy  Ben's parents, Jen her little girl Addy and Danny we went to
Cove Fort UT.
the site for Cove Fort was selected by Brigham Young because of its location about half way between Fillmore, then the capitol of the Utah Territory, and the nearest city, Beaver. It provided a way station for people traveling the Mormon Corridor. A town would have been constructed at the Cove Fort site, but the water supply was inadequate to support a sizable population. Another key factor in the selection of the site was the prior existence of a wooden-palisade fort, Willden Fort, which provided shelter and safety for the work crews who constructed Cove Fort.

The boys had their grandparents camp

While the kids were at the camp the parents went for some ice cream!!!!!!

one of the days the family went to.
Museum Of Natural Curiosity  at Thanksgiving Point
Floating heads

Then we headed out to Roosevelt UT and have
Lake day with the Ipson grandparents

the next day we were
On our way home

When we got back early that morning it was the blue bell taste of summer.